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April 27, 2018

How Did J.K. Rowling Become a Self-Made Millionaire?

Twenty-three years ago, Joanne Rowling, an unemployed single mother, applied for welfare benefits so she could take care of her 1-year-old daughter. Clinically depressed and occasionally contemplating suicide, she considered herself as “poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless,” and later would look back on that time in her life and

April 24, 2018

Brand Loyalty Is Not Dead!

If you ask people this question, you are likely to get a lot of heated responses. Never mind that people generally pick a mobile phone provider and stick with it for years out of the need for continuity. But most people will tell you that brand loyalty is dead. They may not be entirely wrong — brand loyalty as

April 15, 2018

Mind The Gap

If the 20th century was the era of suffrage, the 21st Century is set to become the epoch of business, with more and more women starting their own companies than ever before, I want to discuss with you where Pure Events Solutions currently sits on the business radar and how we already offer a level,

April 9, 2018

Building Winners

What is the Impact Great Sales Coaching Can Have on a Sales Leader? Sales coaching helps salespeople who want to improve their performance, leadership, and achieve their objectives. Many sales leaders are dealing with unprecedented organizational change, they are dealing with high levels of stress as they are being asked to do more with less, as well

April 5, 2018

Why Marketing Offline Could Be Just What You Need.

If you’ve been stuck trying to promote your business online for a while, you might be having a hard time getting results. The truth is, online isn’t the only answer. That’s right – there’s still a lot of money to be made by hitting the streets and promoting your business the good old-fashioned way. Even

April 4, 2018

Quotes To Keep You Positive

Here at Pure, as well as in any sales and marketing company anywhere in the world, we LOVE positivity. Positive thinking and positive people generate positive results. We are all taught to ditch negativity as quickly as possible. But what if that negativity is starting to come from you? We all have that ‘inner CEO’

April 2, 2018

Get More Sales

People in sales, especially people in direct sales, talk a lot about the Law of Averages. You will hear people credit the Law of Averages for their successes and, less frequently, blame it for their setbacks. Still, understanding the Law of Averages could make a valuable impact on your sales. What is the Law of

September 20, 2017

Are Great Sales People Just Lucky?

Many struggling sales people look at top sales reps and think they somehow got lucky and that’s why they are doing well. It would be great if it were that easy to just luck-into success selling your product or services, however top sales reps understand the harder they work, the luckier they get. Luck is really

September 20, 2017

How To Build A Great Sales Culture.

Sales organizations invest time and money into building strong cultures. They read books on why culture eats strategy for lunch, hold team-building events and listen to pundits touting the value of culture. But, I think corporations in Britain are making this too difficult.  Building a great sales culture might be as simple as instilling one

September 20, 2017

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Sales.

Why Leading With Education Is Important. A lot of our sales reps initially think they need to be “fast talking salesmen” to close sales, however, that isn’t really the case. The more you come across as someone who is trying to be helpful (i.e. a messenger of good news), the more sales you will make.