Take Me To The Top

Career success does not fall from the sky. Those who wish to move up the career ladder must not only take advantage of activities that drive recognition, they must also internalize a few principles that will enable them to take their career destiny into their own hands. Continue reading to find out more…

“What are you doing professionally?” – “Do you enjoy your area of work?” – “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” No doubt, these are a few the most frequently asked questions in our professional lives. Regardless of what industry you work in, be it hospitality, finance, consultancy, or manufacturing, to head any organisation, no matter the industry, you must work hard to get there.

Be a Boss

For many employees, the thought of being a boss can be both overwhelming and fulfilling. On the one hand, the rewards are very attractive. However, on the other hand, the responsibility for the day to day operations and decision-making lies solely on them. This is the reason why many employees who find themselves in leadership positions often become very rigid and authoritative.

However, a good boss understands the importance of treating your team with the same respect as that of a customer. You will then be in a better position to make sound and well-informed decisions for the interest of both the staff and customers. Effective, long-lasting relationships can only be built on mutual respect.

Practice Delegation

The day to day practice of delegation can be a tough nut to crack. The issue of trust is crucial to the success of any organisation, and as both an employee and colleague, the task is to encourage healthy relationships built on honesty. By delegating tasks with constructive criticisms, your team will not only begin to trust you but will also to be more efficient when delivering work.


“Even the geniuses still ask questions.” Yes, this is true. Never stop asking questions for further your understanding and knowledge of the company’s services, products or any other vital information that can assist with your career. This can improve your attitude towards solving problems and contributing immensely to the organisation’s development. Engaging with staff across the whole organisation will be of immense benefit to both you and the company in the long term.

Dress for Success

It goes without saying that a tidy appearance alone goes a long way. Naturally, most people are not fond of dressing. However, it is imperative to value the image and impression you create about yourself and your organisation. When you send out a message that you care about your work based on a tidy, professional appearance, you will immediately increase your worth and value to others. It also gives the employer the impression that you are responsible and confident with the willpower to handle bigger tasks. Good clothes may cost money, but you have nothing to lose in the long run.

Brand Yourself

Branding has become an accepted phenomenon in the world today, as it simply means deliberately projecting yourself in a desirable way to attract new clients. However, before one can properly brand, you must access your purpose. This is vital in order to better position the brand. Your personal brand must also be in line with the organisation’s mission, vision, and culture.

Solve Three Problems Daily

As a society, we mostly spend our twenty-four hours of the day at work. With all this time spent at the office, why not do something positive for the betterment of the society? Solving three problems at your workplace means you continue to contribute to improving your work culture. This could involve discovering unique ergonomic solutions for office workers or workplace well being ideas that tackle stress and anxiety. Who knows, you might even set off a chain reaction that creates ripple effects. The more positive your solution is, the better your society gets.

Unlearn to Learn

In such a fast and dynamic world, creating and absorbing is the way to success. A person who is willing to unlearn always has a head start in life. To acquire new knowledge can be intimidating but one has to gather courage by being open to new ways. This might put you in a compromising and disadvantaged position at first, but your enthusiasm to learn certainly won’t go unnoticed. People always admire those who are willing to learn a thing or two from them. You might become twice as good as they are.

Share Experience

One of the greatest advantages you can have in an organisation is to be able to share experiences. Creating an environment where colleagues are always encouraged to share ideas releases great energy whilst building confidence in a productive working environment.

Respect Your Colleagues

Since we spend most of our hours at work, we expect that the same values attached to other aspects of our lives are demonstrated in the workplace too. Balancing professionalism with emotions can go a long way to improving productivity and happiness in the work space.


There are three components that make up diligence; accountability, loyalty, and attention to detail. An employee’s daily role should always be to improve upon what was done yesterday and not just to repeat the same duties over again. Sometimes we find ourselves undertaking routine work which can be frustrating and boring. This then leads us to fall into a state of idleness. But when we make a deliberate effort to add value to what was done yesterday we become better contributors to the development of the organization.

Good Character

A likable character goes beyond just a smile. People can tell or send a message with their body unknowingly which can form an immediate impression about the person. Your character at work should entail both internal and external aspects, and how well you relate to others will determine the success of your career. Good relationships in the office will project itself to the external customers.

Align With The Company’s Culture

The company’s culture is a guide for employees that are seeking to rise up the ladder. The culture of an organization is the position it deliberately wants to project itself as to the public. Once you acknowledge and align yourself with these values, your personal worth in the organisation will shoot up. Your colleagues are always looking for people to emulate and follow. This is also a great way to acquire the influence needed for recognition from senior management.


The main endeavour of any organisation is to be the most influential in their niche. Although these tips can be daunting if you are employed in an organisation that has already shaped its culture, however, it can take one person to bring about that change that will shape things up for the better. And that person can be you.