Age No Barrier To Success.

It’s hard to believe that since CJ & Dani have opened Epiphany Promotions, and Jamie & Lizzie have opened LoCo-Motive International that the senior guy on our Business Development Programme now is 20 year old Ronnie Wood. We’ve decided to take a look at Ronnie’s situation and development and find out how age is proving no barrier to success for a motivated guy with a mature business head on young shoulders.

Ronnie started at Pure as an 18 year old and immediately found he had a gift for engaging with people, building relationships and selling. Encouraged by this start to his working life, Ronnie quickly became one of Pure’s top Brand Ambassadors. Despite being encouraged to do more Ronnie was, by his own admission, selfishly focused on his own sales and rewards. Often achieving the best results in the office, Ronnie looks back with great maturity at how he was more than content to cruise along “making the best part of £2000.00 a month consistently, why would I want responsibility as well”? However, there seems to have been a distinct turning point in Ronnie’s journey; “I had been full time for the better part of a year, I was coaching and up-skilling members of sales teams, I was getting good at it. I got good at balancing my own performance and the performance of other people and I thought, ‘I should be doing this for myself, I could be growing a future for myself instead of just making money and spending money, rinse and repeat”.

Since throwing himself into the Company’s Business Development Programme, Ronnie’s performance and success has continued. “The main thing I have changed is I’m completely honest with myself. We’ve all done it, we’ve all taken the easy choice or maybe slacked off when we think no one is looking but you’re only cheating yourself. These day’s that would never happen. I’ll always be honest with myself and do what’s right and choose what’s best for my business and the guys in my team that my business will be built on”.

Sheffield purely a business decision for Ronnie.

When asking Ronnie where he see’s that business taking place and how he see’s it taking shape, you could be forgiven for expecting an outgoing guy who’s not yet 21 to be looking forward to making a success of himself in a metropolitan party-town with his closest pals;

“Not at all. I’ve got my sights set on Sheffield but not because it’s a big Student city, but because when you look at Sheffield from a business point of view, there’s not really anyone there doing what we do. It’s far enough away to cut down on competition and close enough to maintain my network and contacts at Pure and within this industry as a whole”.

It was an absolute pleasure talking to Ronnie about himself and his business goals both short terms and for the future beyond Pure Events. It’s abundantly clear that age is absolutely no barrier to success when you have a mindset like Ronnie and he’s got the team and the awards to prove it.

Since February Ronnie has won a host of industry awards including; Gold Award for Sales, Platinum Award for Sales, Gold Award for Leadership and a Platinum Award for Leadership.

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