Building Winners

What is the Impact Great Sales Coaching Can Have on a Sales Leader?

Sales coaching helps salespeople who want to improve their performance, leadership, and achieve their objectives.

Many sales leaders are dealing with unprecedented organizational change, they are dealing with high levels of stress as they are being asked to do more with less, as well as struggling to achieve their company’s objectives.

As a result, they find themselves overly stressed, frustrated, and not sure what to do. They begin to question their people instead of leading, engaging and inspiring them. Great sales coaching helps sales leaders build a sales culture of accountability, performance, and engagement. This is an Executive level of coaching designed to give the right people the right skills to create winning departments and teams.

Over 15 years of being in the business I have found that the best way to CRUSH Your Sales Numbers is not by implementing more sales training and certainly not by adding more technology, but by coaching Sales Leaders and their team members one-on-one to improve leadership and focus. Executive sales coaching helps sales Leaders and Managers focus on what is critical and to avoid constant distractions.

Which Sales Leaders Benefit the Most from Executive Sales Coaching?

Executive coaching will benefit high-potential fast-tracking executives and managers. Senior-level sales leaders or high potentials who are being considered for a senior role in the succession plan. Many leaders are over-extended dealing with everyday demands with little time to improve their leadership.

The truth is all sales managers can benefit from executive coaching. It only makes good business sense. A good executive coach helps them focus and remove obstacles that get in the way.

Executive coaching provides sales leaders with the focus that is not available from direct supervisors.

What Exactly Do Executive Sales Coaches Do?

Executive coaches work with clients to help them set and achieve their development goals. The executive coaches may use an assessment like a 360-degree feedback to provide their client with objective feedback. Helping them become aware of their strengths, weaknesses and potential blind spots. The executive coach uses effective questions to help their client discover solutions to their challenges, create a greater focus on what is important, provide resources and provide insights to help in the development process.

Executive coaches provide an objective and nonjudgmental approach to help sales leaders reach their true potential.

What Should You Look for in an Executive Sales Coach?

With the rapid growth of the coaching industry, anyone can call themselves a coach.  There are many good coaching schools that provide a coaching certification program. To some companies coaching certification is important. Leadership experience in your industry is also highly valuable.  When deciding on a coach, fit is critical. You need to like, trust and respect your coach. There needs to be a positive chemistry and a willingness to open up with your coach to have the best result.

Does Executive Sales Coaching Have to Be in Person?

The reality is that with technology such as Skype, Facetime and Google hangouts, coaching can be done virtually. Face-to-face coaching is ideal but not always feasible or cost-effective. Here at Pure we are lucky enough to be able bring people into partnership with us and give them our facilities and experience in order to work with them and coach them over a sustained period of time.

How Much Does Executive Sales Coaching Cost?

Studies show that coaching can range from a couple hundred Pounds an hour to £3500 a month. The median cost of coaching is £500 an hour. Do you have access to your executive coach outside your scheduled time or outside business hours? Other considerations are the duration of the program and does your executive coach charge by the hour or on a monthly retainer. Once again, here at Pure, our Business Development Partnership program gives people the opportunity to up skill themselves and learn executive sales coaching, and implement it, without having to pay for it. That’s right, we’ll work with you for free!

Where Do You Find an Executive Sales Coach?

The best place for sales leaders to start when looking for an executive sales coach is their peers. Referrals and recommendations reduce risk. There are several coaching directories online or a google search may turn up potential executive coaches in your area. The HR department may have a list of qualified coaches they are presently using. You can also contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss a possible partnership to get you started on the path to being a sales rockstar with the coaching skills to build your own company of winning sales people in the future.