5 Essentials to Business Growth & Success

To execute your business success plan more effectively, here are (5) five essentials to ensure a long term healthy and prosperous business and answer the question:  “How Can You Improve Business in the Next 12 Months?”

FIVE Essentials for Business Success 
and Growth include:

The Unbelievable

The goal is to have customers say; ‘WOW, how do they do that?” – with Service?  Speed?  How do they Out-Care everyone?  – with Price?  Convenience?  Free?  Support?  Knowledge?  Make them scratch their head in wonder about something every day, week, month…. year.

The Invitation

Each invitation must be Unique & Personal. The more unique and personal your invitation, the better chance of receiving a response.  Don’t blast, don’t treat everyone the same.  Automation is helpful to getting more done but can also send the message of “you are not important”. 

The Leader

A leader must have exemplary high skill & will.  Without a leader in place who can, and will, drag the business behind them vs. the other way around, any business will flounder.  If a business is being managed by someone who struggles to keep up with the current volume/employees/issues…  how will that same person have the ability to double business over the next two to three years?

The High Tech

Include the latest and greatest high tech to leave the competition behind.  Technology keeps a small business ahead of large business.  In larger businesses, barriers from logistics or a  lack of capital may exist.  Changing systems and processes can be slow.  Keeping the latest technology integrated in the business ensures better data, improves decisions, overcomes service barriers to WOW the customer and improve efficiencies.  Technology can make a business look like a winner and people love to be a part of winning, successful teams.

The Mind Set

“Good” today is not good enough tomorrow!  Even as you execute today, someone is becoming unimpressed, bored or another business is preparing to improve on what you offer and leap frog your offer. As their attention and dollars are pulled away to something “better”, getting them back might become an insurmountable goal. 

Seth Godin offers insight with:  

‘Good’ is not good enough.  ‘Good’ is boring.  Where is your purple cow?

Which of these essentials does your business include?  Review your business to know which essentials are missing. As you do so, the next step would be to understand the barriers and “why”.