10 Leadership Habits You Find In All Highly Successful Business Owners.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible leaders. These people have achieved at the very highest levels, in their industries and professions.

Today, I’d like to share 10 habits, which are common to all of them.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. They encourage others. They leave people better than they find them.
  2. They show, rather than tell. They know that talk is cheap and that anyone can say anything. So they lead by example, unlike these guys who are total fakes!
  3. They don’t compare themselves to their competitors. They compare themselves to the work they did yesterday, and then commit to do better today.
  4. They turn up, even when it’s easier not to. This commitment to being reliable is both rare and highly valued.
  5. They are self-starters. They don’t seek external motivation. They just do what needs doing.
  6. They are eager to take responsibility. They step up, when others step back.
  7. They are intentional decision makers. Once they have the information required, they make a decision. Leaders know that there’s nothing to be gained by inaction.
  8. They keep their promises. They know that making promises, then delivering on those promises, is a powerful way to develop loyalty and trust.
  9. They spend their prime-time with family, friends or learning…not watching TV. Leaders are educated consumers of information. In other words, they are extremely careful about how they feed their mind.
  10. They never gossip. Period.