Twenty Years in Business

In 2004 we started out in Nottingham in the business to business sector. The very first client we represented was the energy provider, NPower.

In 2006 we relocated in Derby and began working with household name-brand charities and insurance providers. Our offices were above what used to be the Varsity pub. We loved it!

2010 was a big year for Pure. We moved into a new office next to Nottingham Castle and recruited several new sales teams. We also added a new administration team. Derby was a huge turning point for us and it gave us the status we needed to move into a prestigious part of Nottingham and start working on a larger scale and representing a larger portfolio or house-hold name-brand clients. We generated around £3 million for our clients and won a Best Service Provider Award during this time.

We moved into our new Head Office at Barker Gate in Nottingham in 2018 ready to expand the business. As our business continued from strength to strength we looked to expand to more offices in the UK and we are on track to have over 20 offices across 5 countries by 2025.

2019. At Pure we are all about hitting goals. Client goals, personal goals and our business partner’s goals. This year has been no exception, with a new office open already. LoCo-Motive International Ltd is a brilliant addition to the Pure family and we’re sure there’s more to come from them as we roll towards 2020.

2020 – 2021. This period was an unprecedented one for all businesses, not just ours. With the SARS COV-2 virus causing businesses to shut for months at a time, including ourselves, we have all had to find a way to keep moving forward and adapt in order to be successful this year. We’ve renewed our working practises to make sure we safely operate within new guidelines, and we’ve moved into partnership with clients in the renewable energy sector.

2022 was a better year for the Organisation than I had hoped for. Not just in financial terms, but we hit and surpassed our goals following the Pandemic which was a testament to the strength of the new team. The teams in both offices have grown exponentially through the year and we are very excited for the next one. 

Looking ahead to 2023, we aim to not only open up a second office here in Nottingham, but to open further offices in Derby and York as well. Furthermore, LoCo-Motive International will be expanding with another office in Liverpool also. 2023 looks set to take our Organisation to five offices nationwide.