Are Great Sales People Just Lucky?

Many struggling sales people look at top sales reps and think they somehow got lucky and that’s why they are doing well. It would be great if it were that easy to just luck-into success selling your product or services, however top sales reps understand the harder they work, the luckier they get.

Luck is really only a factor if someone is there when you call.

The good news is becoming a top sales rep in any field of sales only requires work ethic and developing the communication skills to become successful. If there is any luck involved with becoming a top sales person it would be in the form of simply catching people when they are home.

However, even that can be controlled to some degree. A rule we teach at here is the Rule of Three. This means if you call 3 companies, knock 3 doors in a row, or try to speak to 3 people at an event and no one has answered, or stopped to speak to you, you must make it a requirement that the 4th has someone there or that that 4th person will stop and speak to you.

Direct sales is a contact sport, and the more contacts you make, the higher chances you will have in making a sale. You could say that it’s luck, and you can certainly make up in numbers what you lack in skill, but developing your skills alongside of your work ethic is a recipe for success.

Consistency is essential if you want to become a top sales person.

There are two major areas you want to be consistent in and that is in work ethic as well as attitude. When it comes to attitude one thing we talk about often is being a 7.

This means that you want to keep your energy level, volume, and excitement at a 7 out of 10 level when you are talking to potential customers. Having the right attitude and energy can really make a big difference when you are talking with potential customers.

If you aren’t excited about what you have to offer, why would your potential customers be either? This doesn’t mean that you need to be over the top or have weird levels of excitement when you are talking to potential customers, but you need to be a bit more excited than you normally are.

How to maintain your consistent energy levels through the day.

One way to maintain this excitement level for yourself is to avoid pre-judging your potential customers before you talk to them. Nothing kills your excitement more than believing that your potential customer isn’t going to buy from you the whole time you are talking to them.

If you go into a potential sale thinking that someone’s house isn’t good enough to buy from you, or that the territory/event or company is bad, or whatever other kind of excuse you make in your head of why someone won’t buy, it will keep you from making sales. You’ll need to assume that everyone is a potential buyer of your products or services until they disqualify themselves through an actual conversation.

Certainly there will be some outside factors that may play a small role in people buying, but most of the time outside factors that cause you to pre-judge a potential customer have little to do with if they buy or not. Assuming the sale can really go a long way to maintaining a positive attitude and energy level as well as help you to keep up your consistent work ethic.

Combining the right attitude and work ethic in sales, especially direct sales, can help you stay “lucky”.

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