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Welcome to PURE

We are a sales and marketing company based in Nottingham. We specialise in representing Brands at large events, sports and motoring events as well as in shopping centres. It is one of the most effective ways to engage large numbers of people and acquire new customers for you while increasing your brand awareness and creating brand loyalty at the same time. Our strategies give your customers a more personal and rewarding purchasing experience which leads to a huge increase in repeat business in a way that no other form of marketing can do. With over fifteen years experience across a huge variety of industry sectors we are now able to offer a guaranteed return on investment of over a 300% for the clients we represent. It's a winning solution for businesses and customers alike which has seen us become the go-to company for Brands looking to guarantee a sustainable increase in their sales and customer acquisition.

Why Choose PURE?

We are award winning experts in our field industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience. What that means for our clients is they get the right solution every time.

We have built a reputation for putting our client's customers first and for going the extra mile to ensure the brand equity of our client's always remains extremely high.

We provide a full range of sales and marketing solutions to a variety of businesses. Get In Touch.

Our Services

Customer Acquisition

Increasing Sales Through Various Routes To Market.

Business Development

Grow Your Business With Us As A Partner

Events Marketing

Putting You In Front Of As Many People A Possible.

Direct Sales

A Cost Effective Way To Ensure Increased Sales.

Our Core Values

With an average of £3 million generated per year for the clients we represent, PURE is now established as the go-to company for any business seeking to increase their customer base and raise their brand equity.

A Trusted Partner

We work with some of the biggest and well known companies in the country. We build long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on very specific core values .

  • Positivity
  • Self-Motivation
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Being Personable
  • Having a Student Mentality
  • Honesty
  • Excellence